Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have had a fun filled few days with plenty of Santa love thrown in?! We had a lovely day despite being ill and Matteo slept through the first round of present opening so we had another round for him - which Isabella loved as well!!! Here are a few snaps of present playing as I missed getting them when they were opening them!!

Matteo thought he'd try and eat his way through the present pile one label at a time! Then Isabella used her new doctors kit to check him out!

Matteo desperately trying to get involved with the latches board and even though Isabella showed him how to do them, he just can't!!

Isabella then decamped to her Peppa Pig tablet for a bit of counting and number finding - very successfully as well!

So Matteo thought he'd have another go lying down - made no difference, still can't do it! And then Isabella went fishing, and as there are no batteries yet she is quite good at catching them!

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