Sunday, 30 July 2017

So Isabella has always suffered from bad dreams, she has done since she was a baby and they vary in frequency and content. Since moving house they have become slightly less frequent, but often scarier for her and can happen multiple times a night. She got a bear making kit for Christmas and this became her Dream Teddy, she believes that because she made it and she loves it and loved making it the bear only has good thoughts which she whispers into Isabella's ear at night time to give her good dreams. I absolutely love this idea, and it has worked well. The rare occasions she has fallen asleep without Dream Teddy she has had bad dreams. We recently went away for the weekend and in the morning rush and excitement of leaving, Dream Teddy was left behind. So that night it was a very worried Isabella who climbed into bed, already convinced she was going to have lots of bad dreams because Dream Teddy wasn't there to whisper the good ones. I spied a dream catcher hanging on the curtain rail and told Isabella that it was ok that she didn't have Dream Teddy because there was a dream catcher, and the dream catcher's job is to catch any bad dreams that float into the room and trap them in the web in the circle where they stay and can only escape if you shake your dream catcher. When we got home Isabella asked if we can make a dream catcher to "help Dream Teddy at night time's because Dream Teddy might get tired and want to go to sleep and if we have a dream catcher as well then the little people who live in the dream catcher and catch the bad dreams will be awake so Dream Teddy can rest." She has such an amazing way of looking at things and accepting them and such a brilliant imagination, it makes me so proud to be her Mummy!! 

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