Saturday, 8 August 2015

No photos for you today - I thought instead I would share some of the hilarious things Isabella has said, and continues to say, wrong or phrases that are just so funny and cute!
When she was first starting to talk we had to really work hard to decipher things she was saying, such as 'doosh' was actually 'shoes' and 'boof' was really 'food'. Now the mistakes are more along the lines of mixing up the order of syllables in a word, such as 'ephalent' (elephant), 'opotus' (octopus), 'basgeti' (spaghetti), 'pacooter' (computer) and 'ovolit' (all of it) which are all, I think, adorable!!! She also very rarely uses the word 'I' but says 'my' instead all the time!!!

We were walking down the street and Isabella said VERY loudly "oh my golly, skoose you Bella bottom" and even turned round to try an look at it!!!! Such a lady!!! 

Best comment of the day when explaining to Grandma and Grandpa skype about last night was that the "dummy bairy is bery bery bery naughty now and needs to go on a bery bery bery big giant time out right now because she took my dummy!!"

Walking to the childminders pointing out all the 'sparkly frost' to Isabella she said "Mummy, why did the stars come down and go on the top of the cars?"

I called Isabella a 'ratbag' (lovingly!!) and she replied "I not a bag Mummy, I a hat. Look, see it's like a hat" and she held up her unruly curls that haven't been brushed today!!! Nicely played Isabella.

We were in the pharmacy getting Matteo's anti-biotics when Isabella said "Mummy, where's the farmer?" to which I obviously replied "there's no farmer here darling" so she said "But Mummy, you said we going to go to the farm and see" hehehe she was so disappointed bless her!!!

Been painting some fingerprint caterpillars (or 'catopillows' as Isabella calls them!) when she did the first 2 segments and said "look, there's the cat and there's the pillow, now we need to do some cowpillows!!!"

We're sitting eating dinner and pretending to be animals - as you do - when Isabella said "look Mummy my a meerkat" so I asked her what noise a meerkat makes and she said "Hakuna Matata" hehe 

There was a female football coach at Isabella's football today and when she noticed she shouted "Mummy look, there's a lady there playing football. My not the only one now!!!" I didn't think she'd noticed she was the only girl playing football in a group with 15 boys!!!!

We were walking to football when Isabella went under a tree full of blossom flowers, when the wind blew the petals went everywhere and she shouted very excitedly "Wow Mummy, look it's raining flowers here. Is it a special rain just for me?" 

Just as Isabella was about to get into bed she told me that one of the kids at the childminders "put his tongue out at me" so I said "Oh we don't stick our tongues out at people as it's not nice" and she said "But it's not sticking because it doesn't got any glue on it!!"

Isabella was in the bath for a long time this morning and then she held up her hands, looked at her fingers and exclaimed "oh no Mummy, look my hands got all very old now" 

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