Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you had a lovely day....we certainly did! Isabella fully understood what to do with a wrapped present by the end of it, it took a very long time to open everything as she had to stop and play with everything before considering moving on to the next present.

Santa brought her a stocking and she used most presents as a phone.....

Putting on her new headband and then wanting them all on!
It's like magic! You draw, push the button and it disappears so you can do it again!!!!

She was fascinated by her dog torch, his mouth opens for the light and he barks as well!!! Hours of fun!

 Insisting we put in every hairclip that she got!
Choosing which toy to open next, and then playing with it before moving on!

Putting on her jewels, briefly, before becoming mesmerised by the ballerina in the jewellery box!!

The biggest and heaviest present!

 And it was a scooter - caused a 20 minute delay in opening anything else and she's barely been off it since!

Her dressing up clown's 'hat'!!
And we're off!

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